2013 NHCBA Adult State Tournament Schedule
Host Center:  Lakeside Lanes
2171 Candia Road
Manchester, NH 03109
All Events Entries close April 3rd 2013
Entries close Wednesday April 10th for Events to be Held on April 13th and 14th
April 13th 12:00pm Mixed Doubles
(Saturday) 2:30pm Mixed Teams
5:00pm Doubles
April 14th 10:00am Singles
(Sunday) 12:30pm Teams
3:30pm Doubles
Entries close Wednesday April 17th for Events to be Held on April 20th and 21th
April 20th 12:00pm Mixed Doubles
(Saturday) 2:30pm Singles
5:00pm Teams
April 21st 10:00am Doubles
(Sunday) 12:30pm Mixed Teams
3:00pm Singles
Entries close Wednesday April 24th for Events to be Held on April 27th and 28th
April 27th 12:00pm Teams
(Saturday) 3:00pm Singles
April 28th 10:00am Mixed Doubles
(Sunday) 12:30pm Doubles
3:00pm Mixed Teams
Entries close Wednesday May 1st for Events to be Held on May 4th and May 5th
May 4th 2:00pm Singles
(Saturday) 5:00pm Doubles
7:30pm Mixed Doubles
May 5th 10:00am Mixed Teams
(Sunday) 1:00pm Teams
Bowlers in "ALL EVENTS" Competition
Bowlers who wish to participate in ALL EVENTS must submit a separate entry form along with an entry fee of $50.00 no later than April 3rd, 2013
All Events Forms must be Received either with or before other events
Event Strings Bowled Entry Fee per Person (Total)
Singles 5 $40.00 ($40.00)
Doubles 5 $40.00 ($80.00)
Mixed Doubles 5 $40.00 ($80.00)
Mixed Teams (4 Bowlers) 3 $40.00 ($160.00)
Teams (5 Bowlers) 3 $40.00 ($200.00)