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Elimination Doubles Tournament Rules

  1. Doubles partners must be current bowlers. DOUBLES PARTNERS MAY BE OUT OF DIFFERENT CENTERS. Maximum Average Limit of 230 per team. You must use your HIGHEST League Averages. You can represent any center of choice, BUT you must use your highest 3/1/2014 league average!!!
  2. Proof of tournament average must be brought to the tournament. Average used is your highest current Average as of March 1, 2013. NHCBA, MBA, or Pro Tour Averages will be used.
  3. Northeast Massachusetts Men's Pro League bowlers who are not in any other league may bowl providing: a) bowler is a current bowler with a minimum of 30 games bowled. b) Their partner is a current league bowler in their home lanes
  4. Anyone caught bowling with an incorrect average will be disqualified with all entry fees and prize money forfeited.
  5. Bowlers are responsible for pointing out any mistakes on score cards, averages, or addition errors.
  6. This Tournament will be handicapped 90% to the 230 Maximum.
  7. Opponents will be determined by lane draw. Teams must be at Lakeside Lanes one-half hour before each shift's starting time.
  8. All Matches will be bowled in head to head competition; byes may be inserted on uneven shifts. NO BYE'S will be inserted if a money position is involved. All Teams will bowl with the lowest scoring teams dropping and the appropriate number winning teams advancing to the next round.
  9. Elimination matches will consist of each partner bowling 3 games, alternating 5 boxes at a time, switching lanes with their opponents at the half of each game.
  10. Winning teams advance to the next round of competition. Losing teams are eliminated from further competition and will not be allowed to advance in further rounds unless they qualify for WILD CARD POSITIONS in the first round only. (see rule #11)
  11. WILD CARD POSITIONS (if needed) are determined by the highest losing team scores of each 1st round shift only.
  12. All ties will be broken by a one game roll off with handicap.
  13. All first round shifts will be filled in the order Lakeside Lanes receives them up to 24 entries. All other entries may be moved to second choice or any shift available to insure an approximate number in each round. This is to eliminate byes, if the tournament does not fill.
  14. Lakeside Lanes reserves the right to accept or deny any application, if false information is received.
  15. In the event any 1st round shift does not fill to 24 teams, all teams will bowl in head to head competition. The winners and highest losing scores by total pin fall up to 12 teams will advance to the 2nd round. Then, if needed, applicable number of wild card teams will advance.
  16. No wild card team can bowl a bye. Any other team can bowl one bye, (must redraw), also no team is to bowl the same team twice, providing redraw is available. This is for fairness of advancing in the tournament.
  17. Foul and lob line rules will be in affect with proper penalties imposed upon an infraction.
  18. All Rules governing this tournament will be from the most recent Candlepin Rules and Regulations Book. The Management and staff of Lakeside Lanes have the final interpretation of all decisions, and may not be contested in any way.

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